Hello I'm Paul, I started Wheelie Crafty originally as a vinyl cutting service with my Cricut machin, cutting bespoke designs that i had created myself, I come from a Graphic Design background spending 4 years designing companies advertisement material. Slowly I moved into SVG designs for other Cricut and vinyl cutter users to cut my designs themselves. This has now transitioned into creating custom acrylic blanks which go hand in hand with our SVGs, this creates unique products for other small business to produce end products sell.

As my company name says and my cartoon of myself, I am a wheelchair user, having being diagnosed with Cerbral Palsy from the age of 2, This doesn't stop me from doing anything I have a passion to be creative and this is what i strive doing and will continue to do and bring you new and very unique acrylics.

Happy crafting

Our current turnaround time is:

3-5 Working Days