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New Arrivals

Acrylic Blanks

Our Acrylic blanks shapes are made from either 2mm or 3mm acrylic, these are great for all types of crafters, they are perfect for vinyl and sublimation users, and because majority of our acrylic craft blanks are made from cast acrylic they are suitable for sublimation, only our mirror acrylic is more suitable for vinyl users.

Our Acrylic Craft Blanks are perfect for crafters who want to personalise our acrylic blanks for any occasion, such as, Weddings, Birthdays, or create unique gifts, we also have a range of Christmas acrylic craft blanks.

There is a wide range of craft supplies, acrylic blanks, and vinyl supplies all in our online shop. Also why not sign up to the website and using your email register to receive our newsletter to keep upto date with our newly released acrylic blanks.

Acrylic Blanks For Crafting

We pride ourselves in delivering a truly unique and custom acrylic blanks, we work with customers to create exactly what they are looking for, even if the acrylic craft blanks is not available on our website.

Our acrylic blanks are all cast acrylic (except for mirror acrylic blanks) which makes these perfect for vinyl crafters and sublimation users. For best results for sublimation we recommend the cast white acrylic blanks or we have a frosted sub acrylic for those wanting to create something different.

Our acrylic craft blanks are available in single items we do offer bulk buy discounts if you want to send us a message with your request we will send you a quote across.


If there is a specific craft shape that is not on our website, send us an email and we will work with you to create your perfect acrylic craft blank.

SVG For Acrylic Craft Blanks

With every purchase, we offer the SVG outline as a digital download file for free, all you need to do is register on the website with your email, and once your order is dispatched we will grant you access to FileShare, this has all the SVGs for our acrylic craft blanks.

Other Supplies

We also offer a range of other craft blanks outside of our acrylic craft blanks range, we also stock a range of Teckwrap Vinyl and other craft supplies for  sublimation users. Visit the home page of our online shop for more details

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